Sneak-Peak at 2024 Super Bowl Commercials

Hey, I don't want to ruin the fun of watching the game so you can hit delete this email if you don't want to have a sneak preview.

While the Super Bowl LVIII is guaranteed to give fans some great football, Americans have come to expect the broadcast to also give us some great commercials.

In the past, the ads were mostly kept under wraps until game day, but nowadays brands start releasing details and teasers of commercials before the lineup is even set.

Advertisers are also paying more than ever to be part of the big game, which will air on CBS, with 30-second spots going for +$7 million, which is close to the price tag in 2023.

It's worth noting, that a Super Bowl commercial in 1970 cost $78,200 (which would be worth about $615,000 today). Wow, now that's inflation!

BetMGM: Tom Has Won Enough -  BetMGM is for everyone that loves sports betting. Vince Vaughn, Wayne Gretzky… but not Tom Brady. In the commercial, Vaughn says online betting is for everyone "but Tom Brady,” saying that “the truth is you’ve won too much Tommy, let others have their turn.” Click HERE to watch!


Volkswagen: An American Love Story - 75 years ago, at a time where bigger was better, this strange looking car arrived in America. It was a fish out of water, until the counter culture embraced it. Click HERE to watch!


State Farm Insurance: Agent State Farm - Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will feature in an ad for insurance company State Farm. In the teaser, the actor stars as an action hero “Agent State Farm,” in a play on the company’s slogan of being a good neighbor. Click HERE to watch!


Budweiser: Here's To Doing it the Old School Way - Budweiser brings back the Clydesdales in the 2024 Super Bowl ad for another inspirational commercial. Click HERE to watch!


FanDuel: Super Bowl Kick of Destiny 2 - For the second year in a row, NFL legend Rob Gronkowski will attempt to kick a field goal on Super Bowl Sunday, which gives fans who placed a bet on FanDuel’s Sportsbook a chance to win $10 million collectively. In a teaser for the new ad, Carl Weathers stars as an Apollo Creed-esque coach to help prepare Gronkowski for the company’s “Kick of Destiny 2” event. Unfortunately, Weathers passed away last weekend, so FanDuel will be adjusting the ad amid the actor’s untimely death. Click HERE to watch!


Paramount+: A Mountain of Entertainment - This 2-minute Super Bowl commercial may be the best thing Paramount+ has ever produced! In the newly-unveiled Super Bowl ad for Paramount+, Sir Patrick Stewart, Drew Barrymore, Arnold from Hey Arnold!, Tua Tagovailoa, Master Chief from Halo, Thomas Lennon, Jeff Probst, and Dora the Explorer attempt to scale a massive snowy mountain together. Oh yeah... if that wasn't enough, Creed makes a special appearance to perform "Higher" during the commercial as well. Click HERE to watch!


OREO: Twist on it - Instead of flipping a coin, Oreo ad plays on the idea that people could have been making major decisions throughout history simply by twisting the classic cookie and seeing which side has the cream. The clip runs through several key moments in human history, and it ends with Kardashian using that method to decide whether to air her family's private life on the now famous docuseries. Click HERE to watch!


Kawasaki: Mullets - The all-new Kawasaki RIDGE side x side commercial featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin is work meets play—business in the front, party in the back. Click HERE to watch! 


Coors Light: Chill Train - This year's Super Bowl teaser from Coors Light is pretty straightforward. The beer company is going to bring back the Silver Bullet train, which has been made popular in various ads throughout the years. Could we see a repeat of 2006, when Coors Light's featured the train rolling through key moments in NFL history? Click HERE to watch!


Skechers: Mr. T in Skechers - In an ad for shoemaker Skechers, former NFL player Tony Romo acknowledges that people misspell the brand name with a “T” in it before actor Mr. T appears to dispute him by wearing different models of the slip-on sneakers. Click HERE to watch!


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